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Tooth Jewellery in New Delhi, Delhi

Are you fond of decorating your tooth with jewelry? How would you like if a small diamond sparkles every time you smile?

Kalra Dental Care is one of the best dental clinics that offer tooth jewelry in New Delhi. We like to decorate ourselves. We use cosmetics, wear jewelry in order to look more charming. So, why not decorate our tooth? Our teeth is one of the most important aspect of our beauty. Just imagine, if you are wearing a lovely dress and every time you smile a broken teeth or misaligned tooth shows up! So, to complete your look, a perfect set of teeth is very necessary.

tooth jewellery in New Delhi delhi
What can be better than being able to put in some tooth jewelry to make your smile look the best?

At Kalra Dental Care, we offer varieties of tooth jewelry. You can choose the one you like and we will attach it to your tooth accordingly.

What is the procedure to get a tooth jewelry?

Tooth jewelry is not a permanent thing. It is just attached to the tooth by means of an adhesive.

How long does a tooth jewel last?

A tooth jewelry can last from 1-6 weeks if it is of the temporary type. If you want to get a semi permanent tooth jewel, it will last until you want it to be removed.

What is the cost for getting a tooth jewel?

A tooth jewel might cost depends up on the material used. Crystals might be cheaper as compared to diamonds.

Does tooth jewel harm the tooth?

No, a tooth jewel does not harm the tooth. The jewel is attached to the tooth without making any kind of holes. It is just attached to your tooth by means of dental adhesives. So, it is absolutely harmless and can be both easily attached and removed. If you are fond of jewelry and want to decorate your teeth, you are very welcome at our clinic in New Delhi. We are looking forward to help you out with any kind of dental needs.

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