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Teeth Whitening in South Delhi

Dr. Kalra, offering best and low cost Teeth whitening in South Delhi, India. We also offering Laser and Instant Teeth Whitening treatment in Delhi, India. Get your teeth whitening, at Kalra Dental Clinic Delhi. We are one of the best multispecialty dental clinics in New Delhi to provide teeth whitening procedures.

How much does it cost to get a full mouth teeth whitening in South Delhi?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure. So, it is a bit expensive as compared to regular dental procedures. At Kalra Dental Clinic, we offer you teeth whitening in south Delhi at a very reasonable rate. Our teeth are a very vital part of our face and are a marker of beauty. A set of shiny white teeth acts as a beauty enhancer for us. Our tooth colour actually affects our personality. People with yellowish teeth tend to lose their self-confidence. With Kalra Dental Clinic within your reach, yellowish teeth is no more a problem for anyone living in New Delhi.

teeth whitening in New Delhi
What is the process for a full mouth teeth whitening?

In a teeth whitening procedure, a teeth whitening agent will be applied onto the outward surface of your teeth and kept for some time. The agent has a bleaching effect which whitens the teeth. After the required time, it will be washed out thoroughly. The outer surface of your teeth will then be polished to give the final bright and shiny touch to it.

How long does it take to get a full mouth teeth whitening done?

Teeth whitening usually requires 1 or 2 appointments depending upon the condition of your teeth. Sometimes, the whole mouth teeth whitening is done in a single appointment, whereas sometimes it is planned in 2 subsequent appointments. It depends on the case and feasibility of both the surgeon and the patient.

If you have any more queries regarding any dental procedure, you are always welcome to visit us at Kalra Dental Clinic and get yourself the best dental treatment in one of the best multispecialty dental clinics in New Delhi.

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