Gum Therapy

The main cause of tooth loss after the age of 40 is due to periodontal disease. Healthy gums are crucial to maintaining your overall health and a top concern of our practice to help combat this problem. With the help of Dr. Kalra his expert team, keeping your gums healthy is easier than ever before.

Flossing, brushing and mouthwash are all keys to maintaining a healthy smile but they cannot provide the kind of clean your teeth actually need. Gum therapy may become essential as you age, after years of invisible bacteria negativity impacting your teeth and mouth.

Gum disease is often painless. Because of this, we meticulously exam your gums and design a proper treatment plan for you. This may include deep cleanings and possibly minimal surgery. This is especially helpful to the 80 per cent of adults who live with gum disease today.

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We at Kalra Dental Clinic always welcome any questions you may have and look forward to getting your gums back on track. You can use our convenient “Ask the Doctor” form or call us on (011)-24336429.