After You Receive Your New Denture

Getting Used to New Dentures:  They say that an old denture is like an old pair of shoes – wearing out and yet still comfortable. You know you need a new one and yet emotionally it is difficult to accept and even harder to adjust to. Denture Adjustments: During the first few days your new denture or partial will settle. Because of this, we will see you daily for the first week to adjust any sore spots which often develop. If we decide we can improve the actual fit, we will make those adjustments during the second week. The first week is meant to keep you comfortable. Care: To keep your denture or partial clean, please rinse it after meals and brush it before bedtime with a soft, non-abrasive brush. Please also brush the roof of your mouth and the area under it to keep your gum tissue clean and odor free. You can soak the denture in denture cleaners occasionally to remove stain.. Night Time: Please remove the denture when you go to sleep. Keep it in cold water at night. Tongue Space: For a short time after you get a new denture /partial your tongue may feel crowded and you might have slight difficulty speaking clearly. By reading aloud or talking before a mirror for a few minutes each day, your speech will return to normal. Eating: If eating feels awkward, practice privately to gain confidence. Place food equally on both sides and chew with your back teeth. Begin with a soft diet and eat slowly. Take small bites and avoid hard or sticky foods. Before long, you will be eating most foods with ease. The bone and gum tissue that supports your denture is constantly under pressure and will slowly shrink and change shape. For this reason dentures and partials require occasional refitting or relining